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About Us

About Us

Jaybee Properties Ltd is a real estate company that was established in 2010 after realizing the challenges that many Kenyans faced while trying to purchase affordable land. Prices of land around urban areas had gone beyond the reach of many prospective landowners. Furthermore, getting a genuine title deed was deemed as luck and the logistics of registering one proved more arduous. We, therefore, set out to solve these issues by acquiring large tracts of land in areas with projected growth, subdividing them and offering them to clients at affordable prices. We also leverage our expertise and in-depth understanding of the requirements at the land registry to process the respective title deeds in a timely manner.

Our current offerings are in Makueni County close to the proposed Konza Techno City and we plan to expand across the country on a mission to empower industrious Kenyans through land ownership at competitive terms.

Our Values

We strive to create a friendly yet professional working environment where our clients can access the best experience. The values upon which our business is based on:

Customer Focus: 

We strive to align our business performance toward serving our clients’ needs.


We will deliver value in an honest and ethical manner to all our clients, by maintaining the highest moral standards.


We endevours to be consistent and trustworthy when delivering services to our clients.


We will continuously search for creative solutions to provide higher value to our clients.


We conduct our business with integrity and uphold our commitments to our clients and our work.


  1. We offer prime properties at very competitive prices
  2. We offer a flexible payment plans of up to 12 months.
  3. Our prices are inclusive of title processing fees, no hidden charges.
  4. Title deed delivery – we do all the paperwork for you and deliver title deeds within one (1) month upon completion of payment.
  5. Our properties are all within areas with high potential for growth such as major upcoming developments such as Cities, Railways, Highways, and Airports
  6. We have issued over 1,250 title deeds hence you are assured that you are working with a trusted real estate investment partner.